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Syedgilanis.com (SG's) was launched in 2019, by Syed Muhammad Muzammil Gilani, a zoologist and a researcher from Pakistan. Gilani envisioned and has thus developed, SG's as a platform of trending visual content for medical education and learning. Connect with Gilani on twitter or facebook from his expertise in the field.

Our Mission

Syedgilanis.com was created with a mission to:
  1. Create, share and publish the best medical and health insights, tips, and guides in the world.
  2. Find and showcase articles from the newest or most established writers.
  3. Express our love for medical, health and latest technology.
  4. Monitor search and social media trends.

The SG's Team

SG's serves our need to practice what we preach and provides a platform for us to continually better our medical experience.

Syedgilanis is a comprehensive essay publishing website specially developed for schools, colleges & universities students, teachers and researchers. All the essays published on this website are contributed by students, teachers, and researchers like you with a single conceptualization to spread knowledge.

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