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Well, Getting ready to open the OneCoin exchange

Well, ready to open the OneCoin exchange? 

The mailing list partners received official information from OneLife Network, where they write about preparations for the opening of the Currency Exchange. Yes ... what so many Vancoin partners have been waiting for!

Translation from English exchange can be both the Exchange and the Exchange, so confusion in the names is possible; At this stage, OneLife opens the Exchanger, for partners, it is much better. They plan to enter the Exchange, but later.

Getting ready to open the OneCoin exchange, 

The Exchange Platform will allow all Vancoin partners to exchange fiat money for cryptocurrency. Here are 3 steps that you will need to go through to exchange and trade on this site.

Verification (KYC)

This item is standard, which most partners have already completed in the OneLife account. New is that for confirmation, the OTP function will be used to confirm the phone number (we will receive the code by SMS).
After verification, the profile function on the site (exchange Platform) will be allowed. After that, the current account and wallet will be created, which will be quickly approved, and you can begin exchanges.

Exchange and Trading

Here you need a little training (as on any exchange), then select a lot for exchange, and wait for completion; all confirmations of operations for the familiar OTP.

Money Transfer Service

These are internal transfers between users of the system. It is necessary to indicate the payment details, including bank account; all confirmations of operations are also OTP.

OneCoin received all necessary licenses

OneCoin has received all necessary licenses from the competent authorities in the EU. News from a meeting with EU authorities. As for licenses, they are approved and will be released!

Some Specific Requirements to Get Started An agreement must be hired by an Exchange company, internal control officer, and external auditor.

The Exchange company is ready to accept from September 1, 2019, all of the above. They agree on a leverage policy, but current capital is not suitable because they want to see higher capital, and negotiations are underway that the Exchange company will use the leverage once.

The second requirement was related to limits. The Exchange company must combine the established limits with the new requirements. For cryptocurrencies, they will send a format that will be provided this week and will receive approval for each cryptocurrency that will be bidding. Trading without approval will result in a fine. 3 fines will lead to the cancellation of the license ( source ).

Weekly official news from the company: It's time to begin preparations for the launch of the exchange. In order to ensure the correct operation of the platform and its proper operation by all users, we would like to shed light on certain topics of interest. Hello! I'm ready!

The list of cryptocurrencies and national currencies (fiat) available for exchange; training video on Exchange will be available soon.

The list of cryptocurrencies and national currencies (fiat) available for exchange

The list of cryptocurrencies and national currencies (fiat) available for exchange

Weekly Exchange Platform Summary. Week №18 

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Updated. 🎯 In support of Konstantin Ignatov 👌

Dear friends, in 1-2 weeks a new hearing of the Konstantin case will resume. We wish Konstantin to resolve this situation as soon as possible for him, for the Company, and for all of us for the better ( source ) ...

In support of Konstantin Ignatov 

ONE exchange news in the OneLifeStyle telegram channel - more accurate information should appear this week, after which everything will go quickly:
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Today is a super interesting video showing the testing of the exchange platform:
so how? This video showed the official ONECOIN EXCHANGE telegram channel.
Also today, the OneLifeStyle - News channel shows a message from van coin leader Dilbar Mirsaitova:

1. Vancoin is the only cryptocurrency with a trading platform, and this will not allow it to fall in price.

2. Vancoin is preparing an exchange, and it will be much more reasonable at this stage than going to the exchange right away.

3. The company has a clear plan for implementing the project at full capacity after reaching the exchanger.

4. And there is a great chance to become a reserve currency since now everything in the world is changing rapidly and the value of things is also changing.

All the fun is just beginning.

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