OneCoin Pay You Money

There are 4 basic steps:

1. You deposit your money on the exchange.
2. You buy a Bitcoin.
3. You exchange Bitcoin for another Digital Currency.
4. Then you withdraw those coins into your eWallet.

OneCoin is the Exchange Merchant.

Regarding usability and the merchants. So what do you do with OneCoin? The main critic is; why you can’t sell the coins? What will you do with your OneCoins? Let’s consider the typical process for acquiring all Digital Currencies except for OneCoin.
1. You deposit your money.
2. You acquire coins.
3. The price goes up.
4. You sell coins.
5. You buy goods and services.

It is never too early to start preparing...

It is time of the year we need to wrap our heads around the thought we are approaching the festive season in many countries! We take the stress off of our shoulders and enjoy the warm fireplace by doing the Christmas shopping online. To take it even further, the DealShaker is the place to get authentic and interesting gifts and experiences.

The Christmas markets in DealShaker are a great opportunity to find presents for you and your loved ones at great prices with mixed payments. What is interesting is the non-ordinary ideas and mesmerizing thoughts our DealShaker merchants put into action to make your celebration an extraordinary experience for the holidays!

Let`s make new traditions this year!

Happy holidays!


They are losing money. That is why they do not want OneCoin. Any Digital Currency that bypasses this entire global exchange system is their competition and their enemy, and they will do anything and everything to destroy this competition. 

This is why all of the exchanges consider OneCoin to be a scam. In truth skipping, step 4 saves a lot of people a lot of money. That’s why they hate OneCoin. It’s not the mining. It’s not the centralized blockchain. It’s simply the competition of a business.

OneCoin is proving to be a preferred alternative, revered by many as one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies on the cryptocurrency market, providing a number of top quality opportunities for its users, and most of all - stability.

We will need your assistance, of course!

If you would like to give your long-awaited event a shout out in the newsletter, please send us details about the event at! Include interesting facts about:
The expo
Number of merchants (should be above 100 merchants)

Everything you consider important to be mentioned


The sponsor of the newly approved merchant on DealShaker will be granted 500 tokens instead of a 100 as it has been until now.

We are expecting the new season to bring the most exciting new deals in the most adventurous places!

Stay tuned!


Please get familiar with the general criteria for the approval of new franchise holders.

Exceptions shall apply if the company does not receive an application from a suitable candidate who is in full compliance with the requirements listed below:

franchise holder’s current whereabouts are in the area of the Franchisee’s business activity
proven business management background (clean business background - no bankrupt or insolvent/ in liquidation company/ies)
proven clean criminal record
proven OLN MLM background
no sanctions for violation of OLN T&C and all applicable policies and procedures
franchise holder is not under compliance monitoring
proven track record with a variety of activities for the popularization of the ONE Ecosystem

proven track record of popularizing OLN’s mission and values; training users of how to put them to good use in their team’s everyday work
conducting business activities and day-to-day operations which are compliant with local legislation
being familiar with specific DealShaker T&Cs, CDD, and AML/CFT policies and procedures
be fully aware that signing the Franchise contract is a big responsibility and treat his/her new role seriously
have a clear concept of how to apply his/her sale strategy to the specific target market and its users
Other criteria related to logistics, technical background, and similar experience will be taken under consideration when making the decision for the next franchisees.

Make sure you send us the following – username, the reason why you think you are a suitable candidate, CDD of the individual and the company, additional information if explicitly requested by corporate.
Selling shares from the company that holds the DealShaker franchise, can lead to an immediate replacement of the person, chosen by the company as a franchisee. Such a sale is considered a fraud, especially when the seller misleads the buyers that shares from the company, holding the franchise, are equal to buying shares from the DealShaker company itself.

Please be informed that the parent company grants specific rights to the franchise holder for the terms explicitly written in the contract, but those rights can be canceled if a serious violation is proven.
The turnover fee will apply as of 1st November 2019 when the franchisee has explicitly decided so for his/her entrusted territory/s.

We strongly believe franchisees can use their experience and good judgment, based on their knowledge of local market peculiarities. In our opinion, this will make this common strategy a market success.

In territories where there is more than one franchisee and they have different views on what the franchise strategy for the market in question should be – the decision will be taken from the company, based on the provided detailed report by the franchisees.

Please be informed that all franchisees who start working from the beginning of next month are not allowed to introduce the turnover fee for at least 2 more consecutive months. Furthermore, please bear in mind that the company waves the franchise fees for the month of November in order to support and contribute to the development of the Franchise model.

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