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OneCoin Official Statement About Exchange

Seven important points about OneCoin Exchange

It would be ideal if you note this is only a time for testing of 10 days beginning from first November and completion tenth November 2019, Please recall this is only a benefit from the organization NOT the privilege. 

The real move unbounded to cross lines will begin after the trade. 

1. Crossline move is impractical. 

2. The exchange will be permitted in the Downline and Upline of Power Pack Account Only. 

3. Make an agreement with the part who will get coins to maintain a strategic distance from a twofold cause, The agreement must be a lawfully restricting agreement which should express the quantities of coins and usernames unmistakably. 

4. Each part who will get the coins must-have in any event a starter bundle. 

5. Restrictively endorsed KYC is additionally acknowledged for the sender and for the beneficiary. 

6. The PP account holder who is moving the coins will have full duty to get the agreements from his individuals and if any error made by the record holder during dispersion and in the event that any grumblings will be submitted against the proprietor by his individuals, at that point every one of the coins he move will return to the principle account and the record will be bolted/Frozen for all time. 

7. In the event that your CO proprietors don't have any record, at that point they can open starter bundles under your capacity pack to get coins.

Establishment Of OneCoin

Since its foundation in 2014, OneCoin has been devoted to making a coin reasonable for mass-showcase use in accordance with its vision to give access to monetary administrations to everybody. To satisfy our promise to the developing network mining and utilizing the OneCoin digital currency, we began making an environment around the coin. 

From the earliest starting point, we knew the introduction of the coin will make a remarkable biological system spinning around the ONE. OneCoin would bind together every one of the components in nature and give general, uniform cash for every one of the clients in the framework. 


One EcoSystem was made to bind together every one of the components around the OneCoin. By building up the components in it, we empower the coin's convenience, usefulness, and unwavering quality.

If you don't mind get acquainted with the general criteria for the endorsement of new establishment holders. 

Special cases will apply if the organization doesn't get an application from an appropriate up-and-comer who is in full consistence with the necessities recorded underneath: 

establishment holder's present whereabouts are in the zone of the Franchisee's business action 

demonstrated business the executive's foundation (clean business foundation - no bankrupt or wiped out/in liquidation organization/ies) 

demonstrated clean criminal record 

demonstrated OLN MLM foundation 

no authorizations for infringement of OLN T&C and every relevant strategy and methods 

establishment holder isn't under consistence observing 

demonstrated track record with an assortment of exercises for the advancement of the ONE Ecosystem 

demonstrated track record of advancing OLN's strategic qualities; preparing clients of how to put them to great use in their group's ordinary work 

directing business exercises and everyday tasks which are agreeable with nearby enactment 

being comfortable with explicit DealShaker T&Cs, CDD, and AML/CFT arrangements and systems 

be completely mindful that marking the Franchise contract is a major duty and treat his/her new job genuinely 

have a reasonable idea of how to apply his/her deal technique to the particular target market and its clients 

Other criteria identified with coordinations, specialized foundation, and comparable experience will be thought about when settling on the choice for the following franchisees. 

Ensure you send us the accompanying – username, the motivation behind why you think you are a reasonable competitor, CDD of the individual and the organization, extra data if expressly mentioned by corporate.

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