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Onecoin Exchange Updates

Onecoin Exchange launching in the final phase

Exchange lunching in the final phase!

According to Simon Lee and Habib Jahid exchange is to be launched either in Aug/Sept or Oct (within 3 months).
The message (see image) is hard to interpret. 
While saying all "preparation is over" and "almost all licenses and permissions" are completed" Simon Lee and Habib Jahid at the same time state..." confirm Xcoinx exchange could be launch till Aug/Sept or October 2019".

Onecoin Exchange with minimal spending

OneCoin Exchange 

Hi, friends, I hope every one of you is sitting tight for the announcement of OneCoin Exchange. Since the XcoinX trade point of confinement will choose what number of coins we can trade or move inside and outside of OneEcosystem.

It is anything but another thing, I realize that every one of you knows about it. In any case, we are not on an official choice as the organization did not reveal this data. The Onecoin trade breaking point will keep up coin value solidness.

Onecoin Exchange latest trend

OneCoin Members How to be ready for Exchange & Prepare for Exchange

How to be ready for Exchange?

You can scan many nice suggestions below relating to this.

How to Prepare to Start Trading? From the description, you get some good cape. (We'll be giving a lot of help in the 31st training.)

Onecoin Exchange Facts

Going Public Date of OneCoin:

In the event that I am not off-base, OneCoin never reported they are opening up to the world on eighth January 2019. This date was the latest day of the ICO procedure. Possibly a few people or autonomous promoting partners gave you the wrong data or misdirect. I am upset about that yet this isn't an error of OneCoin.

Let's catch up on this week's updates:

  • Turnover Fee updates - will be applied as of 1st November 2019!
  • Wonder Wheel is active until the end of October
  • Next DS Expo Destination - Vladivostok
  • Shout out - Malaysia and Singapore
  • Leadership rank extended until the 31st of October
  • Compliance updates - Specific legislation
Useful Manuals - OneAcademy/OneForex, Legal Courses and CoinSafe - new manual
Find out all about the latest promos and expos and events in the last 7 days in the ONLY reliable, corporate source of information!


Please be informed that for the time period 01.11-10.11.2019 all users who have an account in co-ownership (Power Pack) can disseminate the coins only within their network structure.
Please make sure that the person who will distribute the coins among the users will have a written contract that must be signed by all co-owners with the respective amounts that apply to each one of them.
If conflicts arise among users and/ or someone deposits a complaint the person to bear responsibility will be the one registered in the system as the account owner.
Wonder wheel is going to be active until the end of October! The promo is going to be on from 22nd till 31st October, 23:59 GMT.
The Wonder wheel promo gives you the opportunity to receive extra promotional tokens with your packages – 25%, 50% or 100%. The Tokens will be obtained with the activation of the packages you choose!
Take your chance until the end of the month and take your spin!


We are proud to share that the initiative Merchant Shout out has become extremely popular among DealShaker Merchants and Buyers.
We are happy to constantly receive positive feedback for the Merchant section and more and more merchant stories keep coming in our mailbox. Keep sending us your thoughts, stories, and suggestions! We will continue to give tribune to the best merchant stories. This is our way of saying "Thank you!"
We have noticed significant progress in the performance of three of the franchisees – team Algeria, team Malaysia and Singapore and team Italy.

A BIG BRAVO to you all!

In the upcoming two weeks we will be expecting a shout out the suggestion from ALL OF THE TEAMS listed above at.

How can we motivate people to become even better than they think they can? 

As you know DealShaker is the project everybody is currently interested in. As an alternative for increasing the value of ONE, exercising its usability and encouraging others to join, the platform is a great commercial hub for merchants, users, and crypto enthusiasts. Here comes our latest mission - to encourage the newest merchants that are highly motivated and eager to make an amazing performance and achieve more and also to help them become popular on the DealShaker platform.

How can you contribute to the New merchant Shout out?

We are going to expect suggestions for new merchants to be popularized or to be given a shout out in the upcoming newsletters or our Facebook page. The merchant can be associated with tourism, hospitality, food and drink, beauty, health or any area you think significant. The merchants have to be in a populous area or tourist destination all over the world.
It is a pleasure for us to present the next two beautiful countries with tempting deals and hard-working merchants:

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