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OneLife Newsletter, September 9th, 2019

OneLife Newsletter, September 

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Updates this week:

Get Prepared for the Exchange 
Wonder Wheel until the end of September
Franchisees WANTED
NEW Section - DS Expo Destinations TASHKENT
Shout out to Venezuela 
Useful Manuals for Users - OneAcademy/OneForex, Legal Courses, and CoinSafe - a brand new manual
The latest materials, articles, and information - Where to find them 
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It is about time to start the preparation for the launch of the Exchange. For the purposes of the proper operation of the platform and its correct exploitation from all the users, we would like to shed some light onto certain topics of interest.

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The Wonder Wheel has been extended until the end of September due to high demand and interested from members!

Seize your chance and make your spin Wonder Wheel until September 30th, 23:59 GMT!

This favorite and colorful promotion allow you to receive extra promotional tokens with your packages – 25%, 50% or 100%. The Tokens will be obtained with the activation of the packages you choose!

Take the best out of the Wonder Wheel now!


Dear users,

We would like to let you know that the new leadership ranks' calculation period has been extended and it is going to be calculated for the period 01/08/2019 - 30/09/2019. 

To all the true leaders out there - thank you for being an inspiration to all of us!


September is time for а change! Exciting things are coming up!

OneLife begins a brand new initiative which aims to educate, entertain and inform both merchants and users of the DealShaker platform about big upcoming expos all over the world.

We will need your assistance, of course!

If you would like to give your long-awaited event a shout out in the newsletter, please send us details about the event at ! Include interesting facts about:

The expo
Number of merchants (should be above 100 merchants)
Everything you consider important to be mentioned

As promised, we are starting this autumn with a new section dedicated to exciting, upcoming expos all over the world which may spark your attention.

The first expo, we are dedicating this section too, is (drumroll)  ...Tashkent.

The expo in Tashkent is organized by our Kazakhstan Franchise team. For more details, you can contact the team. The expo will take place between 8th and 10th November. It has more than 195 countries participating. The products and services you will be able to purchase go from food and merchandise to luxury goods and jewelry.

If you are not familiar with the Uzbekistan capital keep reading further…

The small country of Uzbekistan is situated between Kazakhstan in the north, Tajikistan in the south, Uzbekistan in the west and Kyrgyzstan in the east. Its capital is a modern city with many museums and architecture with mixed contemporary and Soviet design. The city`s skyline is distinguished by the Tashkent Tower (375m in height), Memorial to the Victims of Repression, Khoja Ahror Valley mosque, Minor Mosque.

Tashkent has marked an incredible increase in tourist visits in the past 5 years due to its incredible history and ancient architecture. It is one of the ancient cities of Asia. It managed to preserve its stories and old sights through the centuries. The Old Town of Tashkent hides magnificent buildings from the XV century. The unofficial border between the Old and the New city is Anchor channel.

If you would like to experience this mesmerizing city, please contact.

P.S. See you there!


Another month has passed! We thank all of you franchisees who have been making our lives much more productive by accomplishing your tasks according to the terms and conditions of OneLife and DealShaker. 

This month the most active has been the Thailand and Deutsche Franchise teams. They approved the newest merchants and deals on the platform. Thank you for your incredible discipline, dedication, and faith! You make us so proud!

The next two weeks shout outs will be provided by their teams so we expect their suggestions at by the 13th September. 

How can we motivate people to achieve more? 

As you know DealShaker is the project everybody is currently interested in. As an alternative for increasing the value of ONE, exercising its usability and encouraging others to join, the platform is a great commercial hub for merchants, users, and crypto enthusiasts. Here comes our latest mission - to encourage the newest merchants that are highly motivated and eager to make an amazing performance and achieve more and also to help them become popular on the DealShaker platform.

How can you contribute to the New merchant Shout out?

We are going to expect suggestions for new merchants to be popularized or to be given a shout out in the upcoming newsletters or our Facebook page. The merchant can be associated with tourism, hospitality, food and drink, beauty, health or any area you think significant. The merchants have to be in a populous area or tourist destination all over the world.

If you have visited or are familiar with any interesting deals and merchants on the DealShaker platform, we will be expecting your suggestions! 

Venezuela is for the mighty-hearted so if you dare to step your foot on its shores be sure you will be entertained until you leave.

The country is situated in the north part of Latin America. It is home to almost 32 million people. Along its the Caribbean shores, the island of Isle de Margarita and Los Roques as well as the capital city of Caracas, are located. The Andes Mountains and Sierra Nevada national park are part of the western landscapes. This makes the location a virtual paradise with many shadows cast by the political, architectural and geographical factors.

She is a beauty and we have amazing merchants and deals available on DealShaker for this mesmerizing part of the world! 

The Isla de Margarite is one of the famous spots for visitors and travelers looking to raise their adrenalin levels. It comprises of two peninsulas linked by sands and mangroves of the Laguna de la Restinga national park.

The Guacuco Beach is home to our merchant – CasaTurquesaMgta. The merchant offers a deal for 85% ONE for its premium accommodation. If you would like to take a look at this hotel go to

As always, the merchants on DealShaker go a step further with the services they offer. On the platform, you can find deals for special events accommodation in 50% ONE from VillaMaloka. Deals for 100% ONE-holiday accommodation for 2 people for 1 and 3 nights are also available – website

In Puerto Cabello, a small town in the state of Carabobo, you can have fun and exercise paddling by kayak for ONE by PEREZASSING. If you are looking for more adrenalin - pumped adventures look for BONIELO - offering climbing lessons, FRANKRICCIARI - teaching paragliding and ROCCO23 - offering diving lessons into the waters of paradise for 50%.
What else Venezuela has to offer, you can search for yourselves on!


A quick reminder to all the new merchants and their sponsors!

As a token of gratitude for the hard work and amazing effort, OneLife and DealShaker have some special surprises for all the new merchants, first deals and their sponsors:

a new merchant will be granted 100 tokens for merchant profile approval
first deal approval will be granted 100 tokens to the merchant

The sponsor of a new merchant approval on DealShaker will be granted 500 tokens instead of a 100 as it has been until now.

We are expecting the new season to bring the most exciting new deals in the most adventurous places!

Stay tuned!



Dear all,

According to recent updates about which territories the Exchange platform is going to operate on, DealShaker will be needing its new franchise representatives for the following countries:

o    Montenegro
o    Lebanon
o    Netherlands
o    Slovakia
o    Hungary
o    Slovenia

If you think you know the perfect candidate for the job – dedicated, hard-working and, of course, matching all of the franchise criteria, do not hesitate to let them know we are seeking new franchisees! All applications should be sent to


Please get familiar with the general criteria for the approval of new franchise holders.

Exceptions shall apply if the company does not receive an application from a suitable candidate who is in full compliance with the requirements listed below:

franchise holder’s current whereabouts are in the area of the Franchisee’s business activity
proven business management background (clean business background - no bankrupt or insolvent/ in liquidation company/ies)
proven clean criminal record
proven OLN MLM background
no sanctions for violation of OLN T&C and all applicable policies and procedures
franchise holder is not under compliance monitoring
proven track record with a variety of activities for the popularization of the ONE Ecosystem
proven track record of popularizing OLN’s mission and values; training users of how to put them to good use in their team’s everyday work
conducting business activities and day-to-day operations which are compliant with local legislation
being familiar with specific DealShaker T&Cs, CDD, and AML/CFT policies and procedures
be fully aware that signing the Franchise contract is a big responsibility and treat his/her new role seriously
have a clear concept of how to apply his/her sale strategy to the specific target market and its users
Other criteria related to logistics, technical background, and similar experience will be taken under consideration when making the decision for the next franchisees.

Make sure you send us the following – username, the reason why you think you are a suitable candidate, CDD of the individual and the company, additional information if explicitly requested by corporate.

Selling Shares from DealShaker Franchisee’s companies

Please be informed that the DealShaker Franchisee model is Intuitu personae (Because of the person). This means that any sells of shares from the DealShaker Franchisee company by current franchisees are totally unacceptable and they are NOT approved by the parent company.

Selling shares from the company that holds the DealShaker franchise, can lead to an immediate replacement of the person, chosen by the company as a franchisee. Such a sale is considered a fraud, especially when the seller misleads the buyers that shares from the company, holding the franchise, are equal to buying shares from the DealShaker company itself.

Please be informed that the parent company grants specific rights to the franchise holder for the terms explicitly written in the contract, but those rights can be canceled if a serious violation is proven.

We will not get tired to repeat and remind: Everyone, please, think twice before accepting such “business proposals” because the companies that hold the franchise are separate legal entities that exist independently from the DealShaker platform.

If you have any doubts or questions, please contact our teams and ask. Better safe than sorry!

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