Why is OneCoin Demand for Exchange OneLife Members?

Why is OneCoin Demand for Exchange?

 Important to Note 

* why is onecoin intended for traders? *

The fact that cryptocurrency operates in a highly unregulated and renowned sector
" risky ", " pyramid " or " Bubble " is a serious obstacle to their adoption on a large scale by most users and
As mentioned above, there are several reasons why cryptocurrency can be a common payment instrument received in the future. Paying with cryptocurrency offers benefits to both customers
And retailers, which makes them attractive to both parties.

Why So

Low transaction fees

Contrary to credit card companies, which usually charge processing fees up to 3%, that can be increased.
Immediately. On the other hand, cryptocurrency transaction fees usually do not exceed 1 %, which makes it a desirable retailer.

Faster and secure transactions.

 Exchange without central
One of the main benefits of payments by cryptocurrency is exchange, that is, the removal of a
Intermediate. This means that this technology is designed to facilitate (at least theory) instantly,
Cheap and safe value regulation without intermediaries, such as banks.
Gift incentive
Many online retailers and platforms that accept cryptocurrency as a payment method have developed
A program of incentive and reward to do it. For example, merchants can participate in free advertising

Campaign according to the strategy of the society.

The Large number of benefits from the payment of coins has led to the fact that there are now large quantities
Cryptocurrency is intended to be a widely accepted or widely accepted payment instrument. Out of a total of 1 Crypto-currencies registered with coinmarketcap, about 10 to 20 % of them are payments
Coins or tokens of payment. And many more will come.
Which distinguishes onecoin from all other parts and eventually leads to acceptance and use by one
The major groups of retailers are:
1. Size of the partner network (the active account is 3 559 259 and the registered account is 13 002 970)
2. Speed and efficiency of transactions
3. Incentives offered to retailers and customers
4. Sophisticated policies and procedures of the applicable wdf (the process of the kyc and the kyc process to avoid
Fraud and simplify the reporting process).
5. Implementation of the LBC / ft policies and procedures following the latest updates of the regulations
Around the world
6. Implementation of a system that will facilitate coin requests as a franchise model
7. Availability of ad platforms (Dealshaker)
8. Stability of the price of the parts. A stable price will be reached, so that merchants can be calm and confident that they have received exactly what they expected in exchange for their goods and / or services (mechanism of
The stability of the coins has been applied to the stock exchange through a cash account, requested by the "an ecosystem" function and by sending funds).

Payment with one - profit for merchants

One is often considered to be a coin for merchants.
Designed for future mass transactions, one was created with the idea of hosting the needs of merchants.
With low instability, global access, profitability and compatibility with mass markets, one the characteristics are very well adapted to traders wanting to use safe and stable digital currencies.
With the launch of dealshaker in 2017, the coin is used by the traders. To ensure their overall use,
Onecoin continues to develop its ecosystem of products and services, using coins for users and traders, a fully operational franchise system appears, aiming to continuously improve
Merchant number and create a request too.
The Dealshaker Franchise Model is what we call a franchise

Business format.

When thinking about franchising, a lot of people tend to focus first on law and profits.
Although law and profits are important, they are not the most important thing in our franchise model.
Our Franchise Model is based mainly on the values, vision, standards and goals of the brand of the franchisor.
This is ehosen personae (Lats. Because of this person), a personal service contract, in which a person belonging to one of the parties to the contract is an important condition of the contract.
With respect to the ecosystem franchise sector and its goal, its main goal is to create demand when we use our knowledge for specific local markets.
The company will continue to provide information through all the information channels of the company.


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