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Congratulations to OneCoin & OneLife Members

Congratulations to OneCoin & OneLife Members

Greetings to all, friends! We are on the eve of the crucial stage of the history of our company - birthday and the first serious anniversary.

On October 1st WILL BE EXACTLY 5 years ago, as an innovative company with a revolutionary offer - change the world of payments with the first ever central digital currency one.

Digital Technology

The Digital Technology market has gained strength, Bitcoin has gained pace and power, there are many other cryptocurrency on this wave.... the world understood the uncertainty of this movement, to stop which was not possible.

A huge number of people have already felt that there was something going on in the world of finance, but lack of knowledge, and those who understood, made cryptocurrency, where only you can, Bitcoin was used to use Bitcoin.

And on this wave suddenly.. There is no one known, not similar to anyone, not similar to any currency one, ambitious on the whole world saying, " I pretend to become a reserve global cryptocurrency.

Inauguration of Onecoin

The first coin began to change in January 2015 and the company received incredible growth and dynamics, which caused the horror of competitors.

We were loved, loved by tight..., the internet was blocked by negative, who we were only not called, what only attacks we were not attacked...., not everyone was able to stand up from all sides.

Many leaders left the company, taking the network of partners, many ran through other invest. Projects, lost money, time, nerves..

And only the most committed, the most faithful, the strongest spirit, the most ordered in the battles of total opposition supported the honor and dignity of a great woman r. Ignatova, who had the idea of creating a company with a human face.

whose mission is to give a simple person digital currency, with cheap and safe transfers around the world, functional, reliable, simple to use, giving a chance to each person to get it at the lowest price - the price of mining And give the right to every person to freedom of finance.

Expected Goal Of  Exchange

And today, when we stand at the threshold of achievement of the most long-expected goal - exit for exchange, partners enjoy and rejoice.

Weekly press releases inspire us more and more and the feeling of victory is already in the air! Yesterday I was called by my dear mentor sergey mikhailovich kobelʹnik and you can't pass all those emotions that filled him! But I've been through every cell of my body, 

as he waited for this hour, how hard it was, despite his health, worked for the success of this coin, how much strength and energy he put on the development of this business, this is the most important member of our company,

 A Big Leader, 

How much he did for the company... and, of course, his feelings made me very much excited.

To go when thousands gave up, to do when thousands went to other projects or just stopped moving, continue to believe when thousands expressed doubts, overcome when thousands have dropped their hands....

and today every enthusiasts I congratulate who continued their victory path and, no matter what, the success of the great history - the history of the company.

Friends, we are on the threshold of great achievements and this incredible feeling makes my heart beat more often... everyone i wish happiness and strength of faith in the success of our cause, which is impossible to break, and actions for a common victory.

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