One coin Exchange lunching in final phase!

Exchange lunching in final phase!

According to Simon Lee and Habib Jahid exchange is to be launched either in Aug/Sept or Oct (within 3 months).
The message (see image) is hard to interpret. 
While saying all "preparation is over" and "almost all licenses and permissions" are completed" Simon Lee and Habib Jahid at the same time state..." confirm Xcoinx exchange could be launch till Aug/Sept or October 2019".

What can we say about this statement?

Exchange "could" be launched in August, September or October (3 month period).
"Could" means they do not know (guessing)
"Confirm" means absolute and not "could".

Exchange is nothing more than an Xcoinx 2.0.

Number 4 is of interest. Why? Because I heard already in late 2017 about the Company having (need) to upgrade Xcoinx. Xcoinx could not handle the amount of transfer and/or being unstable. Therefore nobody could actually exchange more than some "pennies" before the Company shut Xcoinx down early 2017 due to IPO plans. IPO was already stopped in late 2017 and after Ruja fled (disappeared) completely form The Company never to be seen again. She has since then been on the run from authorities (she's arrested in her absence).

So, my wild guess already in late 2017 my wild guess was that the Company was to upgrade and launch Xcoinx again. It seems my wild guess (gut feeling) maybe be true.
Xcoinx was earlier an INTERNAL exchange where members could trade the coin (ONE). Unfortunately, the Company had no backup and more members wanted to buy the coin than to sell. 

OneCoin System

We also know that OneCoin system was built in order to support buying tokens for mining the coin (prio 1) rather than members to be able to buy and/or sell coins (prio 2). On an internal exchnge, a company could do whatever they want, but on a free market, the market decides and not a company.

Therefore all these above could mean that only internal trading could be launched initially. We'll see about that. However many finance and banking ppl have clearly said that the Company may have some major difficulty in ending up fully on the market cause they cannot get all licenses due to circumstances. One reason is - who stands behind the Company and in which country is the setup, connected to this person, to be executed. Nobody knows!
Exchange platform weekly summary 13 can be read on...

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