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OneCoin will soon be a real currency worldwide

Table of Content:

1. Onecoin
2. Onecoin Going Public
3. Role of Initial Coin Offering
4. KYC Know Your Customer
5. OneCoin Vs BitCoin
6. Short Debate on OneCoin Exchange


No, OneCoin ne'er delayed by choice. The ironic and embarrassing factor concerning folks grumbling is that the corporate (despite all allegations or accusations) has been operating unrelentingly day and night.

OneCoin "going public":

OneCoin visited the general public first off with the DEALSHAKER merchants platform as a result of as Dr. Ruja same: "The merchants are the public!" She said further: "Exchange can come back, possibly, the second quarter of 2019.” This was the sole “date” as long as modified, and it had been ne'er a certain date. the opposite dates were rumors and misunderstandings of what was meant by "going public".

Role of Initial Coin Offering:

ICO could be a huge and necessary a part of “going public” and therefore the company had to try to to this initiative. the sole factor that's going public is that the Coin, not the corporate. It implies that the general public out there (who once wasn’t a member) may pass directly from the corporate throughout the ICO amount and not essentially through the MLM system Multi-level marketing!

KYC Know Your Customer:

There are several benefits for America to OneCoin being a non-public company, (among different things) together with inflated security, KYC and auditing, etc.

OneCoin Vs. BitCoin:

Bitcoin enthusiasts wished cryptocurrency to be anonymous, but Dr. Ruja same no cryptocurrency is accepted by regulators being anonymous. rules are terribly strict in Europe and it'll get stricter everywhere the planet, particularly once the G20 meeting that goes on currently. Bitcoin investors are terribly scared of this. That's why they need a G20 meeting to clash with it. However, Bitcoin investors won't get anyone to manage them.

Short Debate On OneCoin Exchange:

There is currently NO reason for not emotional the EXCHANGE once surpassing initial all the formalities concerning the “Regulation” procedures! The Exchange shall additionally indirectly prove that every one the allegations and eventually accusations against Konstantin Ignatov is while not proof proof .....

And as Dr. Ruja same Bitcoin will ne'er be the coin for the merchants. That's the matter right there. If it can not be used daily in outlets for merchants however can it ever be a “real currency”??

OneCoin can before long be a true currency worldwide!

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