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OneCoin: OneLife Weekly Newsletter

OneCoin Newsletter

it's time to start with the preparations for the start of the exchange. For the proper operation of the platform and the correct use by all users, we would like to shed some light on the following:

Through the exchange platform, all users can exchange the following:
Fiat to fiat (all main currencies) FF
Crypto Fiat (all major approved cryptos vs major fiat) CF
Fiat to crypto (all major fiat vs major approved cryptos) FC
Crypto to crypto (all commonly approved cryptos against commonly approved cryptos) CC
The process will be carried out according to the following steps:

Step 1.: compliance - due diligence -

The user should continue with the following:
1.1-register name, e-mail, and phone. You need to activate the email and confirm the mobile phone via ATP
1.2-as soon as registration is complete. You must meet the KYC requirements
1.3-after the approval of the KYC, a user profile will be created on the exchange platform
1.4-once the profile has been approved, you will have the opportunity to create a current account as well as the wallet you use
1.5-account and wallet will be approved quickly and you will be notified so that you can start trading and exchange

Step 2.: exchange and trade

You must be able to trade and exchange fiat and cryptocurrencies.
2.1-You should decide what type of transaction you would like to execute (buy or sell)
2.2-you should decide what kind of stock exchange and trading you would like to execute (FF / CF / FC / CC)
2.3-The system can approve the transaction after the allowed limits and availability of credit on the current account or crypto in the wallet have been checked
2.4-as soon as the process has been confirmed, the user must confirm the execution of the operation by ATP *
2.5-Once ATP * has been confirmed, you will be informed about the cash flow and crypto flow, all based on DVP / GOP ***.

3-step three: Uber detection service

You can transfer the fiat currency to another recipient
3.1-You should create the payment details as required, including a bank account
3.2-as soon as payment has been created, it must be confirmed by ATP *
3.3-as soon as ATP * has confirmed payment, this should be checked by compliance
3.4-as soon as compliance approves the payment, the user must receive a notification about the execution of the bank transfer
3.5-as soon as the transfer details have been created, you should confirm them by ATP *
3.6-as soon as the ATP * Confirmation has been entered, compliance checks the validity of the data.

As soon as the data review by compliance is completed, you will receive a notification of the execution. The recipient receives a notification of the receipt of funds with a reference number.

* ATP is the code received by SMS to confirm the mobile number
*** GOP means receipt against payment

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