Electrochemical Series

Electrochemical Series of Elements:

Electrochemical series of elements is the arrangement of elements according to increasing and decreasing electrode potentials. Lithium (Li) has got the highest electrode potential while the Flouride has got the lowest potential.

Applications of Electrochemical series:

  • From the position of an element, we can know the strength oxidizing and reducing agent. In the electrochemical series, Lithium is the strongest reducing agent as it has the ability to reduce electrons but the Flouride is the weakest reducing agent. On the other hand, Flouride is the strongest oxidizing agent as it has the greatest ability to gain electrons but Lithium is a weakest oxidizing agent. 

  • From the electrochemical series, we can determine a metal can displace another metal or not, From the electrochemical series we came to know that metal can displace only positive ion of another metal. e.g. Zn proceeds Cu that is why Zn can displace Cu.
  • In the electrochemical series, from the position of the reactant in the reaction, we can see that the reaction is feasible or not. In the electrochemical series, we sum up the voltages of two half reactions. If the sum is positive them the reaction is possible. If the sum is negative then the reaction is not possible.
Zn ⇒ Zn๋๋十2e¯ +0.76volts
Cu๋๋十2e¯⇒ Cu +0.34volts
Sum Total is +1.10volts
The sum is positive so the reaction is possible.
  • In Electrochemical series of reaction, we can calculate the voltage of any cell which is constructed by using two reactions.

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