Functions of Xylem Tissue in Plants

Functions of Xylem Tissue

Xylem perform following functions in plants:
  • 1. Water 💧 and mineral transport from roots to aerial parts 🎊 of the plants🌱. 

  • 2. Unidirectional (move up the plants🌱 stem🌿) 

  • 3. Found in roots, stems🌿 and leaves🍃. 

  • 4. Forms vascular bundles with phloem and give mechanical 
  • strength to plant🌱. 

  • 5. Tubular🌲 shaped with no cross walls. 

  • 6. Tracheids, vessel element, xylem parenchyma are found👁‍🗨 in them. 

  • 7. Their walls are highly lignified. 

  • 8. Dead tissue at maturity so it is hollow 🎃 with no cell content. 

  • 9. Xylem is star🌟 shaped. 

  • 10. Xylem occupies the center of the vascular bundle🌳. 

  • 11. Transport of water💧 and minerals occur by transpiration pull.

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