What are the conditions necessary for the existence of life

Conditions necessary for the existence of life

Life can survive/exists only in average/moderate temperature, i.e. A temperature neither too high, nor too low. This temperate zone is available only in a narrow belt surrounding the burning stars.

Closer to the stars life would be boil/fire/burnt. Away from them/far away from them, it would be frozen. Fortunately, the earth is placed in this temperate zone/region/area. It is a planet and as such does not have any heat of its own.

It is at a safe space/span/gap/distance from the burning sun. Moreover, its rotations/circulations/revolutions around the sun, as well as its own axis, are very important. They keep their atmosphere moderate.

These are the requirements/conditions compulsory for the existence of life/living organisms. Such requirements/conditions are not available anywhere else except earth. Therefore, there is no possibility/chance of availability of life anywhere else except earth.

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