Science---A Boon or a Bane


A Boon or a Bane

Science is nothing but trained and organized common sense
Science is a double-edge weapon of the present age/modern world. It is a blessing/boon as well as suffering/bane. It is so because the alternations/changes it has brought are beneficial/useful as well as harmful. It is such an effective tool that it has generally/completely alters/change the complexion of the world. Now, it influence/control/dominates everybody's life. Our lifestyle, our working, our entertainment, our attitudes have all been influenced by it. At the same time, science has posed certain/some threats to the existence of the whole world. It has shattered man's peace of mind by making him slave of latest/modern devices. Above all, the deadly weapons of modern age/today can easily turn the world to ruins.

Science has given comprehensive/complete new appearance/look to the world. A wholesale alternations/change has occurred in every field/walk of life. Science has given man/modern man courage/confidence. This is the first/I-st and foremost advantage/gain/benefit of science. Man of olden/ancient times/past lived a subdued life, while the man of modern age/today is the real leader/chief/superior/lord of the world. He celebrates/enjoys such a commanding position just/only because of science.

Every formula which express a law of nature is a hymn of praise to Allah
Now, he has known/understand/learned to command/regulate/control the forces of nature. These forces used to frighten/terrify/shock/horrify our forefathers but now we rule them. We have made/discover/found many instruments/devices to foresee things. In this way, we are capable/qualified/competent/able to take precautionary measures. Take the e.g./example of weather forecasting/prediction/estimating. It has assisted/helped our farm workers to plan/program accordingly. Now we are in the condition/position to make guess/predictions months before.

Man love to wonder and that is the seed of science 
The forecasting saved many valuable/dear/precious lives which were crushed/lost in shipwrecks or air-crashes. Moreover, the planning/logic/plan/system of communication and forewarning has progressed a lot. Now ships and aero-planes get guidance/direction/information well in time.

The change in man's attitude has played a vital/important/key role in his improvement/progress. He has manufactured/invented new instruments/devices and new machines. Science combined with technology is serving all and sundry/each and everyone/everybody. It is at work in the department/field of medical science/medicine and surgery, transportation and communication, industry and commerce as well as in agriculture and learning/education/guidance.

Science is always false/wrong, it never solve a problem without creating X/10/ten more
 Science has its drawbacks as well

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