Functions of Phloem Tissue in Plants

Functions of Phloem Tissue

Phloem tissue perform following functions in plants

  • 1. Transportation of food and nutrients from leaves 🌿 to storage organs and growing part's of plants 🌱. This movement of substances❄ is called translocation. 

  • 2. Bidirectional (move up👆 or down 👇 the plants🌱 stem 🌿 "source to sink"). 

  • 3. Found in roots, stem🌿 and leaves 🍃. Transport sucrose to growth (roots🌿 and shoots) and storage region of the plant🌱 (seed fruit🍏 and swollen roots) 

  • 4. Forms vascular bundles with xylem 💧. 

  • 5.🌱 Elongated, tubular shape with thin walled sieve tubes. The sieve tubes have pores at each end in the cross wall.

  • 6. Sieve tubes, companion cells❄, phloem parenchyma🏵 are found in them. 

  • 7. Their walls are composed of cellulose 🌾. 

  • 8. Living tissue🎄 with little cytoplasm but no nucleus. 
  • 9. Phloem is not star 🌟 - shaped . 

  • 10. Phloem🌳 occurs on outer side of the vascular bundle. 

  • 11. Translocation occurs by pressure flow⚡ mechanism.

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