Drawbacks of Science

Science/field of science has its disadvantages/drawbacks as well. It is a division/branch of knowledge/education that deals with matter only/just. As such it is an operative/effective device for material things. But it has collapse/failed miserably in case of man. 

Man is actually/verily the combination of spirit/attitude (character) & matter. If he gives more importance/significance (value) to his physique and ignores/skip (disregard) his soul, he will become beast/animal. Science has, infact satisfied/fulfilled man's physical needs (requirements/ but, in return, it has damaged his soul. It has given raise to materialism which has disturbed/destroyed his peace of mind/calm.

Now this wild beast/animal who was once called man is using science in the field(area) of war/battle without any check and balance. Everyday he is inventing new weapons of wholesale murder of humanity/Homo sapiens/mankind. Modern/latest weapons emits poisonous gases that kill only living being/mankind etc. They don't destroy material things.

The environmental pollution/pollution caused by vehicle emissions of today/modern age has gone to a dangerous extent. It is a direct offshoot of the scientific progress/advancement/development. The use of scientific method/procedure in the industrial field/department is producing air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. Everywhere there are big factories and heavy industrial units.

They are emitting/submitting a lot of poisonous material/gases in the air. The result is that we do not have fresh/clean air to breathe and survive healthy life. The waste products/material of these industries/factories drain into the nearby wells, canals and rivers and reach the sea. This pollution is killing/destroying wildlife. It causes various/many diseases among(b/w) human beings as well.

These diseases have a crippling effect on the suffering humanity/mankind (human beings). There is no cure to most of them/too much.
Traffic on roads causes/produces (leads to) air pollution as well as noise pollution. Noise pollution (unpleasant voice) is also caused by the big industrial units/factories(industrial units). 

Those who work in factories/industries suffer from countless psychological diseases/disorders because of the unbearable noise(unpleasant voice) of machines. Scientific progress/advancement has damaged our peace of mind/calm.
Modern science has given man the deadliest of the weapons/tools without any restraint/check and balance. Only religion can provide/give this restraint.

Unfortunately, material progress/advancement has made us forgetful of our moral duties/values. It has also brought us away/far from religion. Modern man with all scientific progress/advancement is like a bull in the shop of China crockery.The result is total destruction/loss.

Science becomes harmful/dangerous only when it think/imagine that it has reached its goal.

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