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Symptoms of Iodine Deficiency

Signs indicating the lack of iodine in the bodyThe name of the iodine you have heard and it is available in the form of salts available from this part and it can also be used for cleaning the part. Iodine is an essential nutrient component that is essential for Thai Radi Hormones. And healthy people have fifteen to twenty millimeters in order to regulate Thai Radius functions. Because the body does not naturally make it, it is obtained from nutrients such as fish, milk, cheese, fruit, Vegetables and iodons have salt mixed. Although it contains many items, it does not mean that it can supply it in a good amount of ingredients. And currently there is a risk of reducing its 40 percent of the world's population. Its symptoms are listed below: The swelling of the Sangeenathai Ride is in the throat and the iodine is the essential fuel for them. If the body decreases the iodine, then the Thai-side part is spreading so that the body can meet the demand for the production of hormone hormon…
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Scientific prescriptions save you hair

Scientific prescriptions save your hair.
Hair loss can be several reasons but you can keep the hair safe by following these advice. Photos: File
 Though hair loss is mostly common in men, but women are not even worried because women, along with men in fast life, are also increasing their hair rapidly. After the maternity in women, hair can be followed by hair. In addition, patients like thyroid, skull infection, kidney and olyopia are also among the main causes of hair loss. According to the average, many hair loss can be can be caused by an unusual loss. They include physical disorders and cures and depression due to lack of vitamins. However, every day some hair may fall, which is a common part. But it is also the fact that we have great effects on what we eat. Mediterranean diet
 Eating three times a week, vegetables, fresh fruits and salads etc may reduce Eloopia and men's chains. Use pulses in them that are very important. Such food is called the Mediterranean diet. Pertinin

Uses and abuses of Green Tea

How much more green tea use is implicit health?

Most people benefit from green tea benefits, but it has to suffer from multiple uses.
Green tea uses cholesterol to improve heart rate by improving blood transfusion and poultry. Apart from this, one cup of green tea is proven to reduce weight. According to research, green tea Burns 75 to 100 calories in the day.
According to experts, green tea bags are kept wet and eyesight for fifteen to twenty minutes, so the sleeping eyes get very comfortable.
How is green tea harmful?
Green tea like tea is also caffeine, which can be used for most human health problems. Use of two cups of green tea in one day is fine, but more than that, human health can worsen. Green tea plant contains aluminum which can lead to nervous diseases.
The heart rate of more green tea powder is sharp, which causes some frequent distress.
Its excessive use decreases panic, cheaper, weakness, headache and hunger, stomach acidity and heat increases. Capture may also occur, as it ca…

Drinking semi hot water is very beneficial for health

Useful for semi-water drinking water is very useful for healthLahore: Drinking semi-hot water is also very useful for health and it is also possible to prevent dangerous diseases from taking place. Drinking semi-hot water is an old tradition, scientifically as well. It has been confirmed that drinking the cold stomach or cold water is very useful for health. Creating this practice in everyday life can help in preventing many diseases. The headaches, high blood pressure, blood shortage, joint pain, heart failure, be sharp or slow. Healing, fat, cholesterol, increasing weight, severe cough, anxiety, asthma, stomach, hunger, and often diseases that are associated with eye, ears and throat, can be treated with hot water.

Natural way to reduce blood pressure without medication

Natural way to reduce blood pressure without medication
You may be suffering from high blood pressure, but you do not even know about it?
Yes, indeed, it may be possible that you are understanding your blood pressure on average, because you are assuming self-determination, but do you know that many people who suffer from this disease do not face any physical symptoms. ?
In fact, there are no signs of high blood pressure that can lead to it and it is discovered when your health starts to harm.
According to a survey, about 52 percent of Pakistan's population is of high blood pressure and 42 percent of people do not know why they are suffering from high blood pressure.
Blood pressure is normal for 120/80 or less, but if it is 140/90 or more, you need treatment, each may suffer from it, but there is more risk for certain people.
Blood pressureers can be easily reduced through medicines, but some adverse effects of these medicines can also be formed, such as heading, nervousness, and…

Benefits of Strawberry

This beautiful fruit is also beneficial for health
This beautiful fruit is also beneficial for healthIt is as beautiful as the red color of this red fruit is also beneficial for physical health.
If you do not like strawberry, please do, because it is full of taste and duration, but it is not less than superficial.
Strawberry brings numerous medical benefits to many antioxidants from Vitamins C, and some of them will surprise you.
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Improve physical defensesAccording to medical experts, Strawberry is the best way to achieve vitamin C, the human body does not have the ability to produce vitamins and therefore it is very important to obtain it in nutrients, Vitamin C strengthens and strengthens the physical defense system. According to a California University research, if a few weeks of strawberries are used daily in some quantities, the power of antioxidants in it becomes part of blood.
For health careAnti-oxidants full of strawberry fruit c…

Benefits of Pistachios

10 benefits of pistachios which do not know the majority health, informationPistachios
The influx of winter comes in which large amounts of almonds, pistols and other fruits are eaten. However, many people do not know how important medical benefits are obtained from eating pistachio.
After regular scientific research, ten peculiar benefits of pistachios have emerged, which can not be ignored in any way:
Without chillies, 159 calories, 5.72 grams of protein, 13 grams of chickens, 3 grams of fiber, 7.70 gram carbohydrates, 34 mg of magnesium, 291 grams potassium, 0.482 mm gram vitamins B6 and 0.247 mm gram.
Of these ingredients, Vitamin B6 is found very useful for metabolicism and mental development.
Low calories
If you are disturbed due to nutrition (calories), only 50 calories are found in 50 pistols. This is such an idea that eating the pistachiot is due to obesity.
Treasury of antioxidants
The pistols are full of useful antioxidants. Anti-oxidants keep us safe and healthy …